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It is interesting to notice the world going digital. From the days of hand printing, time has come to the era where printing is no big deal. Definitely, printing has covered a long way since the invention of it. Technology had been developed in printing in leaps and bounds and has now become an efficient and productive mechanism.

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With the growing population, not only the need for basic necessities increasing, but business promotion and marketing is also blooming. People want fame and popularity, and hence, they want to leave no stone unturned to achieve the same.

Printing plays a vital role in business marketing and promotion.in this Cosmo era, there are in numerous printing services available online and in offline stores that serves your need and desires just right! Printing has gone a long way from the Chinese first art printing invention! There is not only a single way of printing. Various materials and techniques are involved to achieve desirable unique print patterns. Today’s printing is fast, efficient and no doubt creative! It has not benefited the printers alone, but consumers as well. Printers take it as a challenge and work out the best they could thus standardizing printing services with the rat running competition.

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There are new styles in printing. It includes vibrant colors, graphics, designing and layouts. Inks and paper stocks also play a crucial role in determining the quality of print. Experimenting with printing could be one! One may wonder how the miss match combinations of colors and paper can lead to something creative and unique effects.


Commercial printing grants the masses with the privilege of products and services.it is a fascinating fact that commercial printers can be seen in the web and uses online tool as a portal to transact and process multimedia printing orders. This is a world of cosmos, where every single individual desires for high resolution print quality. This leads to a competitive market scenario which focuses on delivering fast both the quality and quantity. Direct mail printing is a part of commercial printing, which calls out for fast clear and consistent prints.it allures to promote and personalize certain prints.

On contrary talking of book printing, takes us back to the olden days. Even book printing has underwent fast turnarounds and provides more options with details for intricate covers.

 Where publication print gives a particular style and taste to magazines and journals, packaging printing gives a face to various brands in market.

Hence, whichever way printing is done, all that matters is the wish of the customer and meeting up to his expectations.


The design psychology of business card

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World may be a big place, but people desire bigger! Known a single person yet who gets satisfied in less? None yet. That’s a harsh truth of life. Whether it be a kid, a teen or a full grown adult, none wishes to have less share in his plate! People are materialistic, so is their lifestyle. Gone long are the days when satisfaction lied in searching path of salvation. This era is “hi-technological”, which believes in more the merrier!

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Same is the story of business card. It’s not anymore about the shape, size, color, illustrations, print etc. There is more to the story. Now, it’s much more about typography and spacing. How funny is that, a business card is barely of few inches, but people expect a lot more! Designing a business card could be a lot more challenging as it has to be made professional looking and at the same time the balance with the extremities have to be dealt with. Obviously, no one desires funky looking cards or unusual shapes and sizes.

The story isn’t all about designing a business card and delivering the order to the client. The most important thing is –the customer’s comfort in carrying the business card around. While designing the business card, one has to keep prior in mind that the shape of the visiting card shouldn’t trouble the user and could be easily carried in usual card holders.no point of keeping asymmetrical shaped cards in wallet, where it get unwanted creases of folds. Indeed, it’s a user friendly era!

                                                 How to Design Visiting cards Online Design

Typography is another catch recently. People get fascinated with flipped flop fonts (don’t mislead flip flopped with funky ones).playing with font sizes can also make a boring business card look interesting. Font choice, letter spacing, whitespaces, bleeding space, line height are some basic details to be taken care of to make a right kind of impression.it is important to realize that in the race of making a business card out of the box that it doesn’t turn unprofessional. There are few rules and formats that are must for business card designing.

                                                 QR Code In Business Cards Designs

Designing is a magic and a designer can never be heartless while designing. The business card may be just a piece of paper to the reader, but it has sentiments attached of the owner. Not only this, it has behind it invisible thought processing, psychology, hard work, permutation and combination of colors, harmony and balance of the designer as well.

Why logo: impact of logo on a business card design

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It’s a brand new world! Yes, the “brand” word, where the brand sells out! If you don’t believe it, look around yourself and observe the things, products, packaging, everything and anything has the company logo on it. The logo works out as a copy write. Even on streets what you notice on every store front is the logo of the company, as it clearly depicts the whereabouts of the business.

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But what exactly a logo is? Logo literally means a mark or a symbol created or designed for an individual, company or a product that translates its use into a graphic image. It’s a crucial element for the business’s image as it is the simplest and latest ways to make an impact on society, as it is remembered by the customers which making a purchase or placing an order.

Logos play a significant role in marketing these days. From a trivial pen to a huge car, everything sells out with a company logo on it! Logo acts as a status symbol for the business and marks its identity, leaving a great permanent impression on the minds of the people. Statistics have proved that customers and business man have accepted that logos act as a form of visual communication.

Designing the perfect logo:

A logo should speak out for the company with or without use of words. The logo should be in minimal colors, complimenting the company. A well-designed logo automatically installs trust when a person selects the brand. Logo designing includes more than just text, color, shape.it includes psychological process as well so as to meet the mind set of normal man.

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Logo on business card

Involving logo on business card can make a great deal of business. He company’s image must be visually creative to allure potential clients and reach the target audience. Interestingly, a logo is a stamp that reflects the business on a thing as small as a business card to a giant billboard. Making the business card look interesting and creative is one thing, but creating an impact on mind of customers with the logo on the business or visiting card is all together a different thing.

Logo is an important area of graphic design and one of the most difficult to perfect. Each time it has to be the same, keeping its color, shape and other details specific!


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It’s possible to have listened to concerning small business card in lifetime of taking care of their own small business. Although what is a a company card?

Business card  is usually identification in the business or even the average person that demonstrates the actual personality. That serves like a medium with regard to interpersonal get in touch with in addition to enhancing small business.

As a start-up practice, just about every business, big or even modest, company planet or maybe a magnificence parlor, everybody requires a small business card. it can help the company in 3 R’s-refer, advocate in addition to bear in mind!

Whilst publishing a company card, lots of things have to be imagined around, since it has to be by professionals distributed on a significant level. So allow me to share several errors a single never ever would like to create in regards concerning small business playing cards

                                             “How To make Customized Business cards “

1. Bland- don’t keep card dull although you may tend to be! Your card addresses on your own, thus allow it to be interestingly presentable. Challenging for you to read- the actual card needs to be created in nice font in addition to font measurement. The writing must be readable for that sight.

3. Challenging to publish on- prevent plastic material playing cards! A lot of a new situations, once the small business playing cards tend to be exchanged persons want to create around the again in the card for their effortless memories later on.

several. A lot of get in touch with numbers- a single landlines and another cellular quantity is just adequate.

5. Electronic mail address- current email address or even it link, is usually an extraordinary critical for virtually every launch! The item results you credit in addition to demonstrate the dedication in addition to significance toward do the job.

6. Intense information- create the card be noticeable, instead of puzzling! Present apt textual content important for the actual card. Stay clear of overdoing the actual card having plenty of textual content.

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7. Design- if you would like leap into a professional planet, come up with a professional start off. Amateurish styles needs to be prevented.

8. Quality- an expert body weight card (80 for you to 100 kilos card stock) suggests the actual professionalism! Your cheap in addition to thin good quality not only helps make an undesirable perception in regards to the card dish although one may need for you to unfastened contacts instead of gaining any kind of.

9. Absolutely no for you to strangers- there isn’t any kind of examine distribute your small business playing cards while essays. There needs to be a new self-worth maintained! Probably none should accomplish whatever that has a small business card they’ve got received from anonymous unknown person they’ve got never ever also talked for you to?

10. Giving card way too early- better to receive inquired available with regard to card or even look for additional person’s card, instead of just applying for the actual card from your bank account in addition to producing towards particular person.

In this contemporary period, it will likely be foolishness, to contemplate operating small business with no small business playing cards. Absolutely no ponder, exactly how an example may be forgotten stunned from the amazing things this little bit of report are able to do in one’s living!

Essential Methods of internet printing

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Without a moment’s hesitation e trade has touched base everywhere of the country. It is fascinating to note how the detail of individuals getting intrigued by internet shopping has expanded massively.

 Business extras are part and package in life of a specialist. It is an indication of professionalism and social contact making. It even serves to discover new occupations and make an initial introduction. The better the quality, more the admiration one gets. Business frill like leaflets, going to cards, handouts and letter heads ought to be of great and outwardly engaging.

 Doubtlessly, to get such high professionally planned business frill outfitted with cool realistic vectors, one needs help of an expert!

 With everything taken into account, internet printing administrations makes the work simpler and less expensive with the best conceivable quality. Internet printing offers best value offer than others in the aggressive market. As online organizations, advertise their administrations on the web, they have fewer costs, subsequently, they can undoubtedly manage the cost of easier rates on configuration and printing administrations. One can surely get a dependable approach to acquire business frill with web printing.

Not just is this, working with online organization simpler than stretching your outline on a phonic discussion or setting out the distance to the place. It undoubtedly spares cash, time and vitality. All the customer need to do is to go online and explore printing destinations, pick the dependable site, pick the most wanted outline format and put in a request! Without a doubt, it is less demanding to converse with fashioners, illustrate the obliged plan and even send specimen outlines for reference. Ten to one, its a much easier process!

Web printing gives the customer a stage to work with expert designers. It is not difficult to impart on the web, amend plans, make changes and endorse the last one. Internet printing helps individuals to print their own particular cards. This serves to spare a ton of time and cash on delivery and printing costs. Experts offer the innovation and experience to guide individuals to a cleaned business card worth perceiving. It’s not about tossing your points of interest to a bit of card, yet it ought to pass on your diversions and your business esteem. Professionally planned cards are certain to be recognized, recalled and spared. This is an opportunity to manufacture one’s persona and make imperative associations. Web printing administrations help get this going.

 Not everybody has the engineering or knows how to print their business adornments utilizing online administrations. Yet with the expanding mindfulness about online stores like flip kart, eBay the masses are getting recognized to web printing too. The favourable circumstances of setting internet printing are to get shoddy and best, as well as to get conveyance on time, as the experts work in due dates.

 Henceforth Investing in web printing administrations is vital if individuals need to spare enormous. It is not difficult to log on to the Internet and begin taking a shot at plans. Presently with the click of a couple of catches, one can correspond with configuration and showcasing experts. Right said, soon eCommerce will change the situation of the whole business enclosure.



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Designing is creation of new forms, whereas printing means scanning the final form in either hard or soft copy. But have you ever wondered what print designing is?


Print design is a creative graphic designing process which helps to produce visual presentation which helps to further convey a message to a targeted audience purposely made for printing.

This articles helps you to further understand print design in different areas like types of media, audience, layout, colour and technology.

Print design basically includes promotional activities like magazine advertisements, product designs and packaging. It also includes business cards and logos. Basically, with design printing, one ends up with a finished product in hand, which isn’t there in other designing procedures.

Sketching a design or creating a design and getting it printed is basic design print. It can be on a t-shirt to an accessory cup to anything. One can get design printing done online as well. It gathers audience, which checks out online available products and can even opt for customization before placing an order. The advantage which design print have is it helps the audience to deal with a physical product thus, it helps the customer to have value for money. Definitely, it has a clear and effective layout which is achieved by effective use of elements of designs.

Another interesting feature about design print is that the space for printing is measured in inches whether it be as small as a business car to a highway billboard. Also, it has bleed and safety extra areas for better print results.

Dealing with color in design print is a tedious task. Make sure before print the pallet is turned to CMYK rather than RGB.one must consider the difference between on screen and on paper print views. Ensure one has provided an apt colour code for perfect results.

Technology is part and parcel of today’s existence. It is indeed very essential for print designs. Working on graphic programs like adobe Photoshop, illustrator, or In Design helps to achieve best results in work.

Printing is a growing industry which always has been on an upward graph. Whether it be an ad designer or art director, everyone is connected to print design in some or the other way making it almost impossible to neglect it. Not only big artists, but even the common man is a heavy victim of print industry whether it be in terms of business cards, promotional pamphlets or advertising brochures!


The impact of printing press

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Like any other invention, the printing press came along and had an impact when the right conditions existed at the right time and place. In this case, that was Europe in the mid 1400’s. Like many or most inventions, the printing press was not the result of just one man’s ingenious insight into all the problems involved in creating the printing press. Rather, printing was a combination of several different inventions and innovations: block printing, rag paper, oil based ink, interchangeable metal type, and the squeeze press.


The first printed books were religious in nature, as were most medieval books. They also imitated (handwritten) manuscript form so that people would accept this new revolutionary way of copying books. The printing press soon changed the forms and uses of books quite radically. Books stopped imitating manuscript forms such as lined paper to help the copiers and abbreviations to save time in copying. They also covered an increasingly wider variety of non-religious topics (such as grammars, etiquette, and geology books) that appealed especially to the professional members of the middle class.The printing press had dramatic effects on European civilization. Its immediate effect was that it spread information quickly and accurately. This helped create a wider literate reading public. However, its importance lay not just in how it spread information and opinions, but also in what sorts of information and opinions it was spreading. There were two main directions printing took, both of which were probably totally unforeseen by its creators.


First of all, more and more books of a secular nature were printed, with especially profound results in science. Scientists working on the same problem in different parts of Europe especially benefited, since they could print the results of their work and share it accurately with a large number of other scientists. They in turn could take that accurate, not miscopied, information, work with it and advance knowledge and understanding further. It took book copying out of the hands of the Church and made it much harder for the Church to control or censor what was being written.Imagine the problems the Church had when literally thousands of such works could be produced at a fraction of the cost. Each new printing press was just another hole in the dyke to be plugged up, and the Church had only so many fingers with which to do the job.


Printing press is the most important invention between the invention of writing itself and the computer. Although it is impossible to justify that statement to everyone’s satisfaction, one can safely say that the printing press has been one of the most powerful inventions of the modern era. It has advanced and spread knowledge and molded public opinion in a way that nothing before the advent of television and radio in the twentieth century could rival.